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How to Configure LinkList Menu Widget

Sometimes when you upload my Blogger template into your blog, you can see the navigation menu of that theme is missing. Only there is a blank space instead of menu. This is not an error, to display that menu, you need to add links into the LinkList widget that menu is belonged.

1. To configure your menu, first go to "Layout" page of your blog.

2. You can see a widget named "Edit This Menu". Click on "Edit" link of that widget.

Edit LinkList Widget

3. Now add your pages links or any other links into the LinkList widget as the example below:

Configure LinkList Widget

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3 Responses to “How to Configure LinkList Menu Widget”

  1. I recently purchased your WhiteMag Blogger Premium template. I want to change the header menu in the Linklist Menu area, but when I go to follow the instructions that your site provides I find that there is no "Edit This Menu" area listed in the Layout area. How can I change this menu item? Thanks for your assistance.

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